The U front Apartments – Our Story

Modern Style meets traditional culture

We created The U front Apartments to offer beautiful, comfortable and exciting Chiang Mai holiday accommodation. Our aim was also to create something a bit different. The upper floor apartments are accessed by a stairway and lift construction built outside the body of the main building. This freed up all the space inside the structure and therefore meant we could create spacious bright and open apartments. The U front Apartments are ideal for people looking for a family room and group accommodation in Chiang Mai.

Everything is designed with efficiency, comfort and style in mind. Modern kitchens are balanced by traditional Lanna style decorations. Open brickwork is balanced by bright paintwork. Throughout the apartments you will know that you are in Northern Thailand. We celebrate the local culture through art and design.

So often modern design can create a harsh and somehow unwelcoming environment. Not  at The U front Apartments. The plush bedding, delightful wall coverings and abundance of lounging areas create a real feeling of warmth and relaxation.

Family Room
Group accommodation

Family Room and Group Accommodation in Chiang Mai

Our aim was also to re-purpose an existing building – to give it new life and a new future. The result is 3 beautiful vacation apartments that are very smart. They provide excellent holiday accommodation for individuals, couples, families and groups traveling together.

Chiang Mai Family Room

A convenient family room is never so easy to find and the right accommodation can contribute significantly to a successful family holiday in Chiang Mai. With our apartments you have the option to enjoy an apartment that can sleep up to 5 people. If you are on holiday with a larger family then renting 2 apartments will accommodate nine or 10 people.

Either way this is the perfect solution for families enjoying a Chiang Mai vacation.

Group Accommodation in Chiang Mai

Many people travel in small and even larger groups. Finding suitable holiday accommodation for groups is not always so easy. If you rent several rooms in a hotel they are often not close to each other. It is great if you have your own lounge to enjoy time together as a group. At The U front Apartments we have created spacious areas to relax together as a group. if you are looking for group accommodation in Chiang Mai then look no further.

The Best Place to stay in Chiang Mai

There are a number of unique locations in Chiang Mai. Explore the downtown hustle and bustle of the new city or the delightful alleyways and temples of the old walled city. However, while you will certainly enjoy visiting these areas during your Chiang Mai vacation, there are many advantages to choosing accommodation elsewhere. People looking for the best place to stay in Chiang Mai will be delighted with this area.

Nimmanhaemin Area of Chiang Mai

Many visitors to Chiang Mai discover the Nimmanhaemin area just north of the old city. This is an exciting area. It is very near to Chiang Mai University so you will find a wonderful cafe culture here. It is also a place to hang out and relax. Enjoy the bohemian atmosphere full of artists and the more inquisitive traveler. As such it is a great place to stay. There are so many delightful cafes, restaurants, wine bars, cocktail lounges for you to enjoy.

At night there are a selection of venues to dance the night away. Some of Chiang Mai’s best nightclubs are just a short distance from your apartment.

Doi Suthep national Park

Further north is the Daoi Suthep mountain and national park. This is actually a natural playground with many paths leading through the forests and jungle. High up on the mountain is the Wat Prathet temple. Wat Parthet is the guardian of Chiang Mai. It overlooks the whole city and the valley within which it resides. It gives our location an extra character and brings nature right up to your doorstep. Another reason why this is the best place to stay in Chiang Mai.

Within easy access to downtown and the old city of Chiang Mai

Close to the bohemian area of the Chiang Mai University

Nature right on your doorstep

The best place to stay in Chiang Mai